Dreamstones achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Reached Level 10

Flexing those paddle muscles.

Grumble Defeated

Now nothing more than a pile of weeping rubble

Build 10 Buildings

From a small seed will grow a mighty Kingdom

Break 10,000 Blocks

And they just keep coming back

Old One Defeated

His age would have taken him soon anyway

Reached Level 20

Paddle and ball will destroy all

Collect 500 Platinum Coins

Why collect the gold ones when the platinum ones are worth so much more

Build 30 Buildings

The Kingdom is starting to take shape

Totem Bot Defeated

Dismantled like the jumped up microwave it was

Collect 200 Power ups

Such mighty powers in such a tiny vessels

Kingdom Score 2000

That is an impressive score. But you can do better

Upgraded 72 Buildings

Every Dreamweaver loves a spot of DIY

Grilla Defeated

A magma ape in a lava filled teacup... what was he flinging at you?

Earn 100,000 Gold

All the tasty monies!

Reached Level 30

Monsters now quake at the sight of your balls

Glottis Defeated

The squidgy caged void beast has been eradicated

Rescued All Lost Dreamweavers

No Dreamweaver ever gets left behind

All Passive Skills Unlocked

Buffs, buffs, lovely buffs

Build 72 Buildings

You did it! The Kingdom is fully restored

Upgrade 144 Buildings

Now that is what I call a perfect Kingdom

All Monster Trophies

No monsters will dare enter the Kingdom now

Kingdom Score 5500

You have 100% completed Dreamstones! Thank you, you are awesome!

All Weapons Unlocked

Everything you need to slice and dice

All Cast Skills Unlocked

A selection of devastating powers is always helpful

Break 50 Chests

Who leaves these just lying around? You are the Locksmith