Night Blights achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Least Favorite Toy!

Menacing Monday

Completed Monday

The Bad Ending

Traumatizing Tuesday

Completed Tuesday

Wrathful Wednesday

Completed Wednesday

Threatening Thursday

Completed Thursday

Fearsome Friday

Completed Friday

I See You!

Road Trip

Super Saturday

Confirmed Kill

Blight Bully

Almost Expert

Earned 15 Stars

My Hero

Blight Genocide

Double Trouble

Shoot 'Em Up Sunday

Energy Saver

No sprint on Wednesday

I'm Blightman

Nearly Masterful

Earned 18 Stars

Competitive Edge

Get Dunk'd On

Kinda Legendary

Earned 21 Stars

2am Survivor

Survived until 2am

Mystery Solved

3am Hero

Survived until 3am

4am Legend

Survived until 4am