Kingdoms CCG achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Basic Battler

Win 25 Battles

Promotion Time!

Collect a card in the “Promo” set

Crossed the River

Unlock Gate 1

I'm a Regular

Play the game 10 times

Defender of Old Capital City

Unlock Gate 2

Junior Crafter

Craft 5 cards

Novice Battler

Win 150 Battles

Not Even a Scratch

Win a battle with 25+ HP

Epic Battle

Win an arena battle in 15+ turns

Wrestled the Restless

Unlock Gate 3

Doused the Burning Flame

Unlock Gate 4

I've Got the Powwwer!

Win a battle with 25+ Mana

Over Extending

Play 5+ cards in one turn

Power Play!

Play the game 50 times

Adept Battler

Win 500 Battles

Explosive Damage

Deal 15+ damage to enemy Hero in one turn

Holy Crusader

Win 250 Battles using Holy Heroes

Apprentice Crafter

Craft 25 cards


Play 20+ Creature cards in one battle

Unholy Champion

Win 250 Battles using Unholy Heroes

I Put a Spell on You

Play 20+ Spell cards in one battle

Thank You Come Again

Win an arena battle before turn 3

Ethereal Warrior

Win 250 Battles using Mystical Heroes

Champion Battler

Win 1500 Battles


Win an arena battle spending 5 or less Mana

Volatile Taskmaster

Win 250 Battles using Alchemy Heroes

Blazing Overlord

Win 250 Battles using Elemental Heroes

Primordial Conqueror

Win 250 Battles using Ancient Heroes

Fully Geared

Play 20+ Gear cards in one battle

Core Collector

Collect every card in the “Core” Set

Eve Collector

Collect every card in the “Eve” Set

Tribes Collector

Collect every card in the “Tribes” Set

Rise Collector

Collect every card in the “Rise” Set

Master Crafter

Craft 150 cards

Freed the Willow’s Soul

Unlock Gate 6

Dealt with Ancient’s Wrath

Unlock Gate 5