HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Where are we?

Very good question...

First but not least

First use of a switch. An achievement that only has nostalgia value.

Powerful artefact

Use the Protopulse for the first time

Like a magnet

First time the Protopulse is attracted by a Tesla

Act cleared

Collect all the statues in an act

Leave me alone

Play and finish an act on your own

Speed dating

Play and finish an act with a friend

Saved by the bell

Save Vince-var-A from his cell

Something is wrong

Restart a room

Follow me!

Follow Vince-var-A until Nylus shows up

Just kidding, right?

Be gently mocked by the achievements system

Smell this

Kill a friend by farting

Free at last!

Finish the adventure

Well, no.

You're in my power.

Take control of a Vbot

No so tough

Kill one of those big fat Vbots. They deserve it.

Recycling revolution

Rach Vince-var-A's jungle lab


Play and finish an act with two friends


Bark loudly to wake up any sleeping Vbots

Machine operational

Get all of the parts for Vince-var-A's machine

Rocketed away, again

Finish the adventure. For real.

What are we going to do with you?

We can't find an excuse to give you three medals!

A new challenger

Win your first challenge

Room swallower

Finish an insane number of rooms

Insane collector

Collect all the statues

Test subject of the year

Win all the challenges

Act done

Finish an act, collect all the statues, and complete all its challenges

Not so much as a quiver

Defeat Nylus without giving him enough time to charge a single Protopulse

Just perfect

Collect all the statues, complete all the challenges, and finish all the acts on your own, with one friend, and with two friends