Garshasp: The Monster Slayer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Viamboor Killer

Kill Viamboor

Health Conscious

Find the first Hoom seed

Monster Killer

Kill 100 Enemies

Sword Fighter

Upgrade the sword

Akatash Slayer

Slay Akatash

Counter Attacker

Execute the first counter attack


Execute the first rage attack


Find the fourth Hoom seed

Viamboor Hunter

Kill both Viamboors

Monster Slayer

Kill 300 Enemies

Perfect Rage

Hit 7 enemies with a rage attack

Overcome Anger

Kill Khishma

Cool'em in Summer

Throw ten enemies in the water of the lake while on the raft. (with a splash!)

No Fear

Kill Gandarava, the Sea Monster

Dragon Mace

Achieve the dragon mace

Sword Master

Fully upgrade the sword

No Golden Crown

Kill Hitasp

Mace Fighter

Upgrade the mace

No Underworld

Finish the game with no game overs

Mace Master

Fully upgrade the mace


Finish the game in normal mode

Combat Master

Fully upgrade the sword and the mace

Good Warrior

Finish the game in easy mode

God of the Sea

Kill Gandarava without getting hit

Viamboor Master

Kill Viamboor without getting hit

Counter Attack Master

Execute 100 counter attacks

I am the Monster

Kill both Viamboor without getting hit

Sliding Lion

Do not get hit while sliding down in Jungle

The Ultimate Pahlevan

Finish the game in hard mode

Perfect Body

Find the sixteenth Hoom seed

Sliding Panther

Do not get hit while sliding down in Siavoshgard

Rage in Blood

Execute 100 rage attacks

Sliding Tiger

Do not get hit while sliding down in Ooshidaran

Single Life

Finish the game without saving

Natural Health

Finish the game without using any health fountains

Ruler of All

Kill Hitasp without getting hit