Moto Racer 4 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Succeed a challenge

Mom! Look at me!

Do a trick

Attack of the plumber

Land on an opponent and make him or her fall down


Perform a whip on a dirt bike

To infinity and beyond

Keep your light trail for 120 seconds


Do 250 wheelies

Start with Style

Reach a total of 50,000 style points in one race

Mid-air choreography

Reach a x10 style combo

Outrageously good

Do a 5-second burn out… and win!

Street hawk

Score 3000 high-speed points in one go

This one's for you, Paul!

Do a wheelie on the Great Wall of China


Reach a total of 150,000 style points in one race

The Leech

Reach a total of 180 seconds of slipstreaming during a race

Fancy meeting you here!

Finish a private online game

Brush with death

Brush against vehicles in traffic 300 times

Johnny, be good!

Successfully attempt 200 orange T.U.R.B.O boosts


Reach a total of one hour in mid-air

It's all about style

Score more than 5 000 000 style points

Burnt rubber

Tightrope walker

Do 3500 wheelies

Black belt in Style

Reach a total of 500,000 style points in one race

Bend the knees

Successfully attempt 50 perfect landings in one race

Gently does it

Successfully perform 200 T.U.R.B.O landings

The eagle has landed

Ride on a truck's trailer

Future champion

Succeed chapter 5

Feeling Saul lonely

Win the 3-3 challenge without using the turbo

A bridge too far

Move from one bridge to another over Spider Gorges

100 % no mercy

Win 100 races online

Young prodigy

Win the 6-2 challenge with a Gold performance


Do a Flip + Trick combo


You knocked down 100 riders with swerves


Customize Stella to the max

Controlled skid

Do a 250-meter drift

Single is simple, double is trouble

Do a double flip

No competition

Finish a race 10s ahead of your nearest rival (single race - 'God' difficulty)

Clean sweep

Succeed 55 challenges

I believe I can fly

Score more than 800 points with a single trick

Heavy traffic

Succeed all the slalom challenges with 3 stars

The ambassador's reception

Play a ten-player game

Top of the charts

Win the 9-3 challenge with a Gold performance

Highway to hell

Top mechanic

Upgrade Wrench and Bolt's bikes to the max


Unlock 165 stars


Upgrade the T.U.R.B.O on Jody and Saul's bikes to the max

Who's the boss?

Win a ten-player online game

Spanner in the wheels

Do 200 swerves

Fine wine gets better with age

Win all races in the 6-5 Championship with Amund

Big bully

Make 100 online opponents fall down


Find all the shortcuts in the game

Champion of the world

Win a ten-player online championship