Gear Up achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Double kill

2 kills in a row

Triple kill

3 kills in a row

Destroy 25 enemies

Destroy 25 enemies

Quad kill

4 kills in a row

Destroy 50 enemies

Destroy 50 enemies

Welcome Back

Back playing after more than one week of Gear Up absence.

Destroy 75 enemies

Destroy 75 enemies

Conquest Victorious

Win 3 conquest rounds.

Destroy 100 enemies

Destroy 100 enemies

Conquest Domination

Win a Conquest round overwhelmingly, with a ratio of 4:1 or higher.

Hexa kill

6 kills in a row

Neptune’s disciple

Drown in the water at least once.

Royal Straight Crush

Destroy at least seven different opponents in a team game mode.

Death to the deserter

Killed a deserting enemy

Getting Started

Destroy 10 enemies with the default starter cannon.

Massive Attack

Capture a conquest tower together with 3 or more teammates.

Deca kill

10 kills in a row

Conquest Champion

Win 20 conquest rounds.

Solid Teamwork

Win a TDM round overwhelmingly, with a ratio of 4:1 or higher.

TDM Veteran

Win 20 team deathmatch rounds.


Recieve 500 damage without being destroyed in a round.


Repair (1250) armor in one round of a team game mode.

Hungry for Victory

Assist in capturing at least 20 conquest towers in a single round.

Destroy 1500 enemies

Destroy 1500 enemies

DM Veteran

Win 20 deathmatch rounds.

Life Saver

Repair 20000 armor in lifetime.

Evil saws

Destroy 20 enemies with the Grayhound (saws).