DubWars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Music Dabbler

Complete a full song.

Do Some Barrel Rolls

Get max multiplier 10 times in a single playthrough.

Working Double Time

Activate 2x multiplier 100 times.


Change the language settings.

Tell Me More

Stay on the artist loading screen for 1 minute.


Destroy 50 enemies without taking damage.

Last Stand

Kill 50 enemies with only 1 health remaining.

Full Album

Unlock all 10 levels.

Out Of Fuel

Don't move for 1 minute.

Full Power

Upgrade All Weapons For Single Level.

Gone Gold

Earn Gold for all 10 levels.

Over 9000

Collect 9000 wubs for any level.

Stuck On Repeat

Play a level 25 times in a row.

Deep Sea Fishing

Kill 50 Anglers in Leviathan.

Elemental Wizard

Complete Choose Your Weapon on Headliner.

Master of the Universe

Complete Eclipse on Headliner.

Double Those Points

Hold a max multiplier for 2 minutes.

Gone Platinum

Earn Platinum for all 10 levels.

Deep Sea Adventure

Complete Leviathan on Headliner.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Jam

Complete MTRD on Headliner.

Lost In The Forest

Complete Distorted on Headliner.

War Hero

Complete Break It Up on Headliner.

Concert Brainiac

Complete Synergy on Headliner.

Out of the Frying Pan

Complete Metalworks on Headliner.


Complete a level without taking any damage.

MAX Power

Upgrade all weapons to Max for every level.


Collect over 1000 Wubs in a single play through.

Chart Topping

Complete 10 consecutive levels on Headliner difficulty without dying.


Complete all levels on Headliner difficulty.

Glutton For Punishment

Die a horrible death 1000 times.

Gone Diamond

Earn Diamond for all 10 levels.

Objective Overload

Complete 500 objectives.

Never Miss A Show

Complete Synergy 50 times on Headliner.

Ran the Trench

Complete Tough Guy on Headliner.

Off the Grid

Complete Urban Metaphor on Headliner.