Dungeon of Elements achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 66 unknown)

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Earn your first achievement.

Deeper Than it Looks

5 capsules swallowed by environment.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Kill a boss without using a weapon

Grind Master

Blow up 100 bad guys

Don't Get Cocky

Beat 5 dungeons in a row with no failures

Hello, World!

Finished the tutorial

One Does Not Simply

Fail to craft an item.


Make 100 gold from selling items

Gobbo Stomper

Destroy gobbos

I Never Get Lost

Play the same dungeon in a row

The Apprentice

Craft 10 recipes

Treadmill Master

Blow up 500 bad guys

Save the Tatas

Breast cancer awareness ribbon.

Boom Master

Blow up 1000 bad guys

The Puzzler

Discover 10 recipes

Make Up Your Mind

Answered 'No' to a Popup Confirmation

The Crafter

Craft 50 recipes

Watch It Wiggle

Kill cubes

Blasting Off

Make 10 fire boomers


Make 1,000 gold from selling items

The Master Crafter

Craft 100 recipes

Haters Gonna Hate

Get defeated 5 times

Beast Master

Find 20 bestiary cards

The Dragonslayer

Kill Spark

Wiggle Jiggle

Equip a cube pet

You're Not the Boss of Me

Failing the same attempt at a recipe more than once

Run Away!

Reset a board

It's a Trap!

100 capsules swallowed by environment

Cry More

Get defeated 10 times

The Thinker

Discver 50 recipes

Beating a Dead Horse

Fail at trying the same recipe multiple times

I'm Ready for my Close-Up

Take 100 screenshots.


Fail at trying the same recipe more than ten times

Demotivational Poster Boy

Get defeated 25 times

Leave No Survivors

Kill all rats before defeating Gigantuar.

Like a Boss

Silver Tongue

Make 10,000 gold from selling items

Beyond the Threshold

Equip entire Oceanic set.

You Mad Bro?

Die to Spark

That's Knot Funny

Wear all pieces of Dread Knot armor set

Big Blue Dress

Equip entire Big Blue set.

Epic Fail

The Riddler

Discover 100 recipes

Leeeeeroy Jenkins

Lose to a boss while unprepared.

My Precious

Unlock all equipment slots

Battle Ready

Fill all 9 equipment slots.

Grandmaster Crafter

Craft 1000 recipes


No Level Cap

Battle Master

Blow up 10000 bad guys

Eco Warrior

Destroy major earth elementals


Success Kid

Didn't let him teleport.

Took the Red Pill

Create Red Pills

Total Airhead

Create White Pills

Go Big Blue

Create Blue Pills

There Can Be Only One

Kill Spark on Hard difficulty

What Does it Mean?

Create Rainbow Pills

Going Green

Create Green Pills

Code Breaker

Bestiary Scholar

Find 50 bestiary cards


Make 100,000 triads from selling items

Quick Farming

Con Artist

War Master


Find all bestiary cards