Before the Echo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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On Your Way

Successfully defeat your first enemy.


Complete a battle without failing a spell.

Yet, I Love The Holidays

Defeat the Holiday Whompa.

Triple Fortune

Obtain all three droppable items from any single enemy.


Recover over 150 mana in a single battle, and win.

P's And Queue's

Queue up five spells in a row.

Another Castle

Get her back.

Perfect Run

While learning a spell, achieve 100% accuracy for the entire song.

Meant For Each Other

Beat the game on any difficulty.

Quarter Quell

Successfully complete a synthesis at 25% odds of success or lower.

Presents Are Accounted For

Obtain every droppable item in the game at least once.

Element 77

Synthesize Iridium.

Buzzer Beater

Defeat an enemy with less than one second remaining on the clock.

Yo Dawg

Trigger Boost a Trigger Boost.

Time Despair

Defeat an enemy within eleven seconds.

A Little Too Into It

Synthesize every recipe in the game.

Lies Within Lies

See the hidden ending.

Ail For What Cures Ya

Defeat an enemy using only poison spells.


Defeat an enemy on the seventh floor using only Arclight.


Discover the name of she who controls fate.


Learn all spells.