Woah Dave! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Pennies From Heaven!

Earn your first penny!

Don't Even Bat an Eye

Hit an Eyebat!

Boom Shakka Lakka!

Kill 10 or more enemies with 1 Woah Block!

Right in the Toilet!

Pass the Buck

Collect one hundred pennies!


Kill a UFO!

Fast Draw

I'm not saying it was Aliens...

Hot Woah on Woah Action!

Destroy a Woah Block with another Woah Block!

Woah No, UFO!

Oh Poo!

Joy Ride

2 Buck Chuck

Collect two hundred pennies!

Beam Me Up, Dave!

Save Peoria!

Defeat the mothership in Peoria!

Three Dollar Dave!

Collect three hundred pennies!

Four Big Bills!

Collect four hundred pennies!

Save Fort Bragg!

Defeat the mothership in Fort Bragg!

Save West Haven!

Defeat the mothership in West Haven!


Collect five hundred pennies!

Call Me Aaron Burr

Collect one thousand pennies!