Redirection achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Hello World

Complete the first level in the Main Campaign

Cargo Cult

Beam down 100 obstacles

Lost in Space

Misplace 5 Robots


Watch the opening cutscene

Time Traveller

Rewind 100 times

Water Damage

Void the warranty of 5 Robots


Complete a level in the Main Campaign with obstacles left over

Beam Me Up

Rescue 100 Robots

No Robot left behind

Complete every level in the Main Campaign

Hello Workshop

Complete a level from the Steam Workshop

Game, Set and Match

Unlock TENNIS in the Robot Arcade, and win one round

The End?


Create and test a level in the Mod Editor

Workshop Visitor

Complete 10 levels from the Steam Workshop

Increase Speed! Reverse Direction!

Unlock INVADERS in the Robot Arcade, and score over 750 points

The Wizard

Play 6 different games in the Robot Arcade


Unlock WORM in the Robot Arcade, and reach a length of 60 centimeters

Workshop Explorer

Complete 50 levels from the Steam Workshop

And there was much Rejoicing

Unlock QUEST in the Robot Arcade, and save the kingdom

All Good Things...

Unlock every gameplay achievement

Master Builder

Get 25 subscriptions and an overall positive rating on a mod you published to the Steam Workshop