Infinity Runner achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 74 unknown)

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Cool Runnings

Run 350 metres without collecting any data packets

Running on Empty

Run 100 metres without collecting any data packets

The Running Man

Run 250 metres without collecting any data packets

Baby Steps

Run 500 metres

Meter Made

Run 1000 metres

First Data

Collect 100 data packets

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Get to the elevator

Event Horizion

Watch a cutscene

Valley Commando

Win 10 Fights

She Doesn't Have The Power

Complete Engineering

Nice Packet

Collect 250 data packets

Moon Walk

First time in a gravity well

Data Miner

Collect 500 data packets

Prison Break

Run 5000 metres


Score 15,000 points

Dire Straights

Collect 1000 data packets

Spaced Out

Get to an outdoor section

Unleash The Beast

Become a werewolf for the first time

Soap on a Rope

Complete Brig

Bad Moon Rising

Win 20 Fights

What's the Point?

Score 30,000 points

Points Mean Prizes

Score 65,000 points

Silver Bullet

Die in wolf mode

Aware Wolf

Take a look at the powerups screen

Silent Running

Turn the sound off

Training Day

Complete Monorail


Find 3 collectables

Back to Nature

Complete Bio Dome

Fur Covered Furry Fury

Win 50 Fights

Full Moon

Find the Werewolf in the docks

Hanging in There

Complete Docks

What You Talkin' Bout Willis?

Turn off subtitles

Terror Bite

Collect 6000 data packets

Prospect Point

Score 125,000 points

Outta Space

Complete Ship Exterior

Looks Like I Have The Con

Complete Bridge

Space Odyssey

Watch all the cutscenes

Bark at The Moon

Complete the first set of challenges

Space, Planets and Variations There Of…

Beat the boss

In Space, No One Can Hear Your Howl

Complete the game


Find 9 collectables

The Proclaimer

Run 100,000 metres

Grease Monkey

Complete the Engineering on Hard

Data Hound with Espionage

Find all the collectables

From Paris to Berlin

Run 400,000 metres

To Infinity

Score 250,000 points

Air Wolf

Wolf mode the space section

Hard Time

Complete the Brig on Hard

... and Beyond

Score 500,000 points

Dock with Orange Sauce

Complete the Docks on Hard

Crossing the Line

Complete the Monorail on Hard

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Complete the Bridge on Hard

Out and Proud

Complete the Ship Exterior on Hard

Got Wood?

Complete the Bio Dome on Hard

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Maximum Wolf Level