Ascension achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 75 unknown)

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On Your Way

Win a game.

Hot Streak

Win 10 games in a row

First Beat Down

Win a game against another player

Treasure Trove

Acquire five or more treasure in the same turn

Energizer Bunny

Gain 10 energy in one turn

Greedy Treasure Hunter

Have Moken the Huntsmaster in your deck with at least 10 treasures

Multi-United and it feels so good

Multi-Unite the same card three times in a single turn


Acquire 1000 center row Heroes

Rally On

Successfully rally one time with each faction


Defeat Xeron, Duke of Lies in a 4 player game


Acquire Oziah for free with Energy

Soul Fire

Play 5 Soul Gems in 1 turn

Over 9000!!

Gain 9001 honor points

Have Everything – CoG

Acquire or defeat every card in Chronicle of the Godslayer

Champion Of Champions

Win a game with each of the Champions

Clean Bill of Health

Win a game with no Infest cards in your deck using Gift of the Elements

Living The Dream

Acquire two Dream Vision cards without paying their cost during a single game

Cult Killer

Kill the Cultist 1000 times

All Day, All Night

Gain a DAY bonus and a NIGHT bonus in the same turn

Lucky Godslayer

Acquire Hedron Cannon after defeating Avatar of the Fallen that turn

Livin' on the Edge

Have Umbral edge and Penumbral Edge in play at the same time

Tag Team

Take an extra turn with Wandering Askara

Born Again

Acquire all Dreamborn cards in Dreamscape

Soul Collector

Use each of the Soul Gems


Defeat 1000 center row Monsters

Yolo Twice

Return Yolocryx from the discard pile to your hand

Herald of Winning

Defeat and Energize Herald of Doom

Don't mind if Adayu

Defeat Samael the Fallen with Adayu

Pasythea Go

Acquire Pasythea, the Aegis using Pasythea's Ward

Serenity Now

Multi-Unite Adayu the Serene with at least one card from each faction on a single turn

Monsters? You Don't Need No Stinkin' Monsters

Gain more than 20 Honor by playing a single card

Cobra King Midas

Gain 20 Honor in a single turn with Jakeb, Cobra King


Play 1000 Constructs

The Benjamin

Win 100 games

Dream Big

Acquire Dream Machine with P.R.I.M.E.

Weapon X

Have at least one of each Mechana construct from Chronicle of the Godslayer in play at the same time

Have Everything – RotF

Acquire or defeat every card in Chronicle of the Godslayer

You must be Aaron

Defeat Avatar of the Fallen and Samael the Fallen in the same turn

Hunting Party

Play Flare Tracker and Sureshot Tracker in the same turn

Beastly Staff

Gain 5 Honor or more from the reveal of Beast Staff

More than meets the Eye

Transform all of the cards in Darkness Unleashed

Don't Feed Them After Midnight

Infest your opponent's deck with all of the Bam, Yuk, and Nom Tribe Gremlins

BF Sword

Defeat five monsters in a single turn with Oziah

Dream On

Acquire all Vision cards in Dreamscape

Have Everything – SoS

Acquire or defeat every card in Storm of Souls

Follow The Leader

Aquire 7 Heroes in a single turn while playing with only Realms Unraveled

P.R.I.M.E.'d for Victory

Win a game as a result of P.R.I.M.E. Directive


Win 10 games in a row against other players

Glutton For Punishment

Defeat Aranyx, the Glutton and Xeron, Lord of Deofol on the same turn

Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Win a game where the only cards you've acquired are Day cards

Cult Friendly

Win 10 games without killing the Cultist

Canon Cannon

Defeat Adayu the Tormented using Canon Templar

Night Owl

Win a game where the only cards you've acquired are Night cards

United We Stand

Play 5 Lifebound heroes in a single turn while playing with only Storm of Souls

Deal With It

Roll the Delirium Die using the Dream Dealer's effect.

Serenity Now Now Now Now...

Trigger both Serenity and Echo on the same turn.

Ouch That Stings

Defeat a Monster in the Center Row with Emri's Sting and Emri, Demonsbane

Catch 'em all

Defeat all 5 Growmites in the same game

Trophy Room

Have one of each trophy monster in play at the same time while playing with Storm of Souls

Devil's Triangle

Roll three 6s on the Delirium Die in a single game.

The Fifth Elements

Acquire all five of the Transformed Events/Heroes across multiple games


Using Dhartha, Mechamonk, draw seven or more cards in a single turn.

Monster Mash

Have one of each Return of the Fallen Monster in your deck while Samael is in play

Going Once, Going Twice...

Win two Fate Auctions on a single turn.

Time Machine

Take 5 turns in a row while playing with Return of the Fallen

Stay Focused

Win a game with only two factions in your deck while playing with only Realms Unraveled

Master Assassin

Play Deadeye Assassin with 10 or more Void cards in your discard pile

Wicked Game

Use Wicked End to defeat Ender of Days

Three Cannon Salute

Play Hedron Cannon, Plasma Cannon, and Canon Templar on the same turn

Time Traveler

Take 5 turns in a row while playing with only Chronicle of the Godslayer

Deja Vu

Use the Recur effect found on all cards with a Recur effect in Delirium.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. What are you doing?

Take all three Temples from your opponent(s) on the final turn of the game and win.


Using only Valley of the Ancients, draw your entire deck using Jubilant Monk.

Ascension: A Deck Empowering Game

Win a game with 5 or fewer cards in your deck

I Guess It Just Froze Over

Defeat five Hellfrost Imps on a single turn.