Ballistick achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Immediate Gratification

Out of the Steam backlog

Pop goes the Cherry

Kill an enemy


Take down one enemy

Hiding something?

Use 1 ECM

Don't get cocky

Cock gun 1 time

Interactive Madness

Take down 10 enemies

Heating up

Kill 50 enemies

No one can hide from my sight

Get spotted by 20 cameras

Like a bitch

Die in cover


Use the noise maker 20 times

He's on fire!

Kill 200 enemies

Beat Game

Obligatory Beat Achievement

Cleanup aisle 2

Blow up 10 enemies

All about the back door

Take down 100 enemies

He's going

Beat "I thought I was out..." in 30 seconds

Gratuitous Cocking

Cock gun 50 times



Some dirty joke

Cock gun 100 times

Become Average

Don'ts be squealin' 'bouts my boozin!

The Distance

Beat "Best Served Cold" in 60 seconds

Call tech support

Use 50 ECMs

In his

Beat "Smoke on the Water" in 150 seconds


Beat "Tip of the Iceberg" in 45 seconds

He's all

Beat "Breaking New Ground" in 75 seconds

Well that's just excessive

Blow up 100 enemies

All alone

Beat "Special Delivery" in 90 seconds

He's going for

Beat "Who's Next" in 180 seconds


Beat "Bringing Down the House" in 120 seconds


Beat "The Death of a Behemoth" in 75 seconds

Time of

Beat "Fire in the Sky" in 120 seconds