Choice Chamber achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Pass the Torch

Kill a Bat with fire without attacking it

Stairway to Heaven

Complete a bridge that never goes back down


Possess 5 hearts at the same time

Lurkers No More

Receive 200% or more entries for a Gizmo


Defeat Roundleaf


Possess only a Broken Heart

Early Bird

Exit through a door before defeating all enemies


Progress through 10 consecutive rooms without pressing jump

Sneak Attack

Defeat a Totem without waking it up nor help from Gizmos

Two for the Road

Purchase 2 items in a shop

Five of Hearts

Possess 5 unique hearts at the same time

Fell Swoop

Defeat 5 or more enemies with a single attack

Didn't Even Hurt

Possess 2 spiked hearts at the same time


Defeat Starnose

Final Nail

Get crushed by the final block in the Stack Room


Defeat Jellyball


Possess 10 hearts at the same time

I would prefer not to.

Clear a normal room without attacking

All the Things

Purchase all 3 items in a shop


Defeat Alpha

Et tu?

Dux Classic

Defeat a divekicking Diver with 1 heart left


Bounce a ball on your head 25 times in a row

Get Max

Unlock Max

Get Lucky

Unlock Lucky

What Friends Are For

Defeat a Boss without attacking nor help from Gizmos


Be surrounded by 5 or more Gnats at the same time

The Right Way

Progress through 10 consecutive rooms without running left

Scenic Route

Complete the game without warps or shortcuts


Defeat every thing


Bounce a ball on your head 50 times in a row


Complete the game in 15 rooms or less (chest and shop rooms don't count)

Ten of Hearts

Possess 10 unique hearts at the same time

Gold Hunter