Tumblestone achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Crossing the Rubicon

Completed World 1.

Stupid Lake

Completed World 2.

Off to the Races

Won an online Puzzle Race match.

Orion's Belt

Solved a 3-star Practice Puzzle.

My Darkest Hour

Completed World 3.

Super Genius

Won a Puzzle Race match using a modifier.

Don't get Snooty

Completed World 4.

Get Rect

Won an online Battle match.


Won an online Tug of War match.

Big Cheese

Reached rank 25.

A Step in the Right Direction

Solved Puzzle 2-8 using 44 moves.


Completed 25 quests.

One Apology and Explanation Later

Completed World 5.


Emptied the board in Marathon.


Completed World 6.

Sausage Not Good Frozen!

Completed World 7.

Welcome to Castle Terror. No Pets Allowed

Completed World 8.


Won a Tug of War match against 3 Nightmare bots.

Off With His Head!

Completed World 9.

Go Deep

Completed World 10.

One Groovy Explanation Later

Completed World 11.


Emptied the board in Heartbeat.

Deep Six

Got a score of 333 in Infinipuzzle using a modifier.

Deep One

Got a score of 500 in Infinipuzzle.

Remember the Athenians

Got a score of 1,234 in Marathon.

Adrenaline Rush

Got a score of 333 in Heartbeat.

Thank You for a Very Enjoyable Game

Completed the Story Mode.


Won a Battle match against 3 Nightmare bots.