Fuego! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Those Who Remained

Complete chapter 1


Complete chapter 2

Friendliest Fire

Have a bandito's bullet hit themself

Friendly Fire

Shoot a friendly bandito who hasn't fired yet

Bringing Guns To A Fistfight

Have every bandito get into a brawl (Online or AI modes)

The Dead, The Dying

Complete chapter 3


Your 4-gunned bandito missed every bullet (Online or AI modes)


Shoot an enemy with a twice-ricocheted bullet (Online or AI modes)

No Good Deed

Have a bandito take the hit for a friend

Devil's Pact I

Condemn a bandito with a pentagram (Online or AI modes)

Blood And Gold

Steal 100 gold from enemy banditos


Steal gold that has already been stolen 3 times (Online or AI modes)


Complete chapter 4


Desecrate 25 graves


Kill all enemies, get all gold (Online or AI modes)

Before The Devil Knows

Complete chapter 5

Goose Egg

Scare 50 chickens

Devil's Pact II

Kill a condemned bandito (Online or AI modes)

To The Lost

Nobody survives the shootout (Online or AI modes)

The Hand That Feeds

Steal 50 gold from friendly banditos