Super Life (RPG) achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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You are Worthy

Get the high score in Space Blasters.

Lifelong Scholar

Earn all College Degrees before you prestige.

Devils Nectar

Prestige without Drinking Alcohol.

Tres Commas

Prestige with over 1 Billion Dollars in Net Worth.

Hunting Elephants

Own all the stocks.

Speed Hunter

Find the Golden Egg in 365 Days.

Another Star is Born

Collect all records.

Confirmed Wavy

Donate 100M to church.

No Hand Outs

Prestige without ever using the Money Tree.

The Collector

Find all six stones of power.

Optimized Runner

Prestige in 365 Days.

Dino King

Fill Mesozoic Park.


Prestige without eating meat.

Jack of all Traits

Prestige as all 4 different classes.

Quack Quack

Shoot 100 Gold Ducks

The End

Roll Credits.

Walking Dead

Die 3 times before prestige.


Play 3000 Days before you prestige.


Own all hotels.

Master Blaster

Complete all arcade tournaments.


Prestige 10 times.

Empire Business

Sell 100k Super Candy.


Max all stat careers.

Man's Best Friend

Take care of your dog for 365 days.

Save the Planet

Pull 1K trash out of the ocean.


Collect 100 friend coins.


Complete all tasks for all 100 levels.

Run player run!

Complete all secret races.

Numbers go Up

Max all Ranks.

God of Super Life

Collect all skins.