Aerial Destruction achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Defend the outpost in mision "Outpost Invasion".


Buy 5 upgrades for the helicopters.

Night Ops

Blast the bridge in mission "Bridge Destruction".

Death From Above

Kill 1000 mutants.

Aerial Demolition

Destroy 100 buildings and fortifications.

Tank Destroyer

Destroy 300 tanks.

Scrap Yard

Destroy 500 armed pickups.


Destroy the enemy base in mission "Frontline Assault".

Air Support

Successfully support the allied retreating troops in mission "Convoy Support".

Jurassic Mutants

Destroy the enemy troops and positions in the "Volcanic Island" mission.


Succesfully protect both temples in the "Ancient Ruins" mission.

Until The End

Protect the camp for few minutes in mission "Camp Defence".

Aerial Punishment

Fire a total of 2000 rockets.

Veteran Pilot

Complete all missions of the game.

Curse of the AA

Have the helicopter shot down 10 times.