Cook, Serve, Delicious! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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Perfect Day

Achieve a Perfect Day

Forever Remembered

Served a Ryan Davis burger, named after the greatest man of our time

One Star Restaurant

Earn your One Star Restaurant

1k Customers Served

Served over 1,000 customers

Two Star Restaurant

Earn your Two Star Restaurant

2.5k Customers Served

Served over 2,500 customers

Three Star Restaurant

Earn your Three Star Restaurant


Successfully stopped a robbery during a workday

Four Star Fish

Upgraded the Fish to maximum

Weekly Challenge

(Battle Kitchen) Participate in a Weekly Challenge

Special Guest Star

(Battle Kitchen) Unlock a Special Guest

Four Star Chicken

Upgraded the Chicken Breast to maximum

Four Star Lasagna

Upgraded the Lasagna to maximum

Four Star Restaurant

Earn your Four Star Restaurant

5k Customers Served

Served over 5,000 customers

Five Star Burger

Upgraded the Hamburger to maximum

Five Star Wine

Upgraded your Wine Collection to maximum

Four Star Pasta

Upgraded the Pasta to maximum

Five Star Steak

Upgraded the Steak to maximum

The VIP Treatment

Successfully serve a VIP guest

Four Star Baked Potato

Upgraded the Baked Potato to maximum

Rare Perfect Day

Achieve a Perfect Day with a Four Star Restaurant or higher

Four Star Nachos

Upgraded the Nachos to maximum

Five Star Pizza

Upgraded the Pizza to maximum

Two Star Food Upgrade

Upgraded all two star foods to maximum

Five Star Soup

Upgraded the Soup to maximum

Liquid Pin

Served over 1,500 drinks from your restaurant

American Foods Pin

Served over 1,500 dishes of delicious American Cuisine

Iron Cook Master

Complete all Iron Cook Challenges

Five Star Restaurant

Earn your Five Star Restaurant

Four Star Fosters

Upgraded the Bananas Foster to maximum

Four Star Fried Rice

Upgraded the Fried Rice to maximum

Amazing Cameo Appearances

(Battle Kitchen) Unlock Three Special Guests

Five Star Lobster

Upgraded the Lobster to maximum

Five Star Sushi

Upgraded the Sushi to maximum

Super Rush Hour

(Extreme Difficulty) Survive a Super Rush Hour

Three Star Food Upgrade

Upgraded all three star foods to maximum

Hungry Fest Champion

ClicknStart Investor

Successfully funded all ClicknStart projects

7.5k Customers Served

Served over 7,500 customers

Platinum Star Restaurant

Five Star Kabob

Upgraded the Shish Kabob to maximum

Superb Lineup of Awesome

(Battle Kitchen) Unlock Six Special Guests

Oceanic Foods Pin

Served over 1,500 dishes straight from the oceans

Italian/Mexican Foods Pin

Served over 1,500 dishes of delicious Italian and/or Mexican Cuisine

10k Customers Served

Served over 10,000 customers

The Love Chef

Date the entire pool of people from Cook4Luv

When It's Ready

(Extreme Difficulty) Receive and read a peculiar email

Breakfast Foods Pin

Served over 1,500 dishes of delicious Breakfast foods

Impossible Perfect Day

(Extreme Difficulty) Achieve a Perfect Day with six items on your active menu

Exotic Foods Pin

Served over 1,500 dishes of Japanese, Chinese and Asian Cuisine

15k Customers Served

Served over 15,000 customers