Anarcute achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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The revolution begins

Finish the first level

Tokyo : Done !

Make Tokyo free

200 according to the police

Wake up 1000 rioters


Play with only one kind of animal

Crowded skies

Eject 1000 enemies

Paris : Done !

Make Paris free

Ricochet pro

Make a prop ricochet 9 times

One man army

Finish a level with only 1 rioter standing

Return to sender

Eject 5 enemies with mines

Miami : Done !

Make Miami free

Denied !

Make a helicopter crash before it has time to deploy any reinforcements

False good idea

Fashion Week

Unlock a new outfit

Reykjavik : Done !

Make Reykjavik free

It was him all along !

Anarland : Done !

Close shave

Eject 7 enemies with a single laser shot

Three points!

Put it through the hoop in Miami

So popular !

Make 50 enemies fall in love with the rioters

Compulsive buyer

Buy all the abilities

Rioting Safari

Unlock all the heads

Freezing cold

Get a game over by freezing


Unlock the Butterfly

No pity

Master rioter

Finish all levels with a S rating