GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Novice Angler

Fished for the first time.

License to Train

[Tutorial] Completed your training.

They Call Me... The Revelator

[Episode] Completed the mode with any character on any difficulty.

Emotions Are... Important

First Time Shopping

And Today's Look Is...?

Wilson, Noo-!

[Player Match] Kicked a ball for the first time in a room.

New Type

You've Been... Served

You Come Grand Opening!

[Player Match] Hosted your own room.



[Combo] Solved 100 problems.

King of Anglers

Throwing $$ at the Problem...


[Versus] Played against a friend offline.

The Path to Passion

[Combo] Solved 200 problems.

Covered in Dust

Emotional Destination

[Story] Watched everything.


[Ranked Match] Celebrated your first victory.

Everyone's Welcome

[Player Match] Fought over 20 different characters.

Key to the Future Is in the Past

Combo Master

[Combo] Solved 400 problems.


Practice Makes Perfect

[Mission] Completed 30 missions.

An Ounce of Practice...

How Many Burgers Can I Buy?

Spent 500,000 World Dollars.

Image Training


Was That a Conversation?


Knowledge... Is Half the Battle

Wanna Be Crazy

[Episode] Completed the mode with 20 characters on any difficulty.


To the Real World!

[Mission] Completed 70 missions.

Battle Overload

Red Belt

[Ranked Match] Progressed to Rank 20.

Spray and Pray


[Ranked Match] Fought a total of 200 matches.


[Player Match] Fought three times in a room set to M.O.M. Mode.

Wicked Sick Time, Bro!

Medal of the Holy Order

The Absolute World

Unlocked all achievements.