Pit People achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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I said Horatio dies!

Defy the Narrator

Which seat should I take?

Get a full squad of 6

Karma for the King

Get Pip's Revenge

I See Dead Pixies

Beat any team of Elites in the wild

Blueberried Blocker

Horatio or Hailey reach level 20

Plays Well With Brothers

Get a Quadra Kill

Seriously Serious

Successfully complete a full Quest series

Nothing Personal

Win an online versus battle in The Pit

Pocket Change

19,999 Gold on-hand

So Fast So Murderous

Run over 10 enemies using the wagon's nitro boost

The Queen Will Be Pleased

Recruit 1 of every creature type

Something Switchy Going On

Find a secret area in any worldmap

I've Seen Things

Reach level 80 with any gladiator

Are You Not Entertained?

Win the INSANE unfair challenge

Very Vinyl