Mountain achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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I'm A Musician?

Mountain plays music

Hello There

Mountain is home to something new

I'm Thinking

Mountain thinks

Who's Doing This?

Mountain has some alone time

Am I Interesting?

Mountain is alive for a short time

I Can Sing!

Mountain sings

Is This Normal?

Mountain has unusual weather

Is This Cheating?

Mountain cannot predict the weather

This Is Me!

Mountain has a lot of alone time

I Must Dry Off

Mountain makes it unrain

Am I Being Organized?

Mountain organizes itself

Welcome, Welcome

Mountain is home to many things

I am Music!

Mountain plays a lot of music

Ok, Fine

Mountain no longer trusts the weather

It Happens

Mountain experiences death

Not Done Yet

Mountain survives death

The Days Keep Coming...

Mountain watches the days go by

I Love To Sing!

Mountain sings quite a lot

I Can't Stop Thinking

Mountain thinks quite a lot

I Look Beautiful

Mountain keeps organizing itself

I Must Go On

Mountain keeps surviving death

I'm Still Here

Mountain sees it all come and go

Turn the Other Peak

Mountain dies several times

I'm a Living Target

Mountain is bombarded by things


Mountain experiences pain


Mountain lives for a long time

These Thoughts Never End

Mountain cannot stop thinking

It's Never Over

Mountain thinks it is invincible

Getting Used to This

Mountain goes on dying

At least I know I'm alive

Mountain experiences a lot of pain


Mountain lives forever