Cataegis : The White Wind achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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More to Come

Get your first death

Missile Divider

Slash a missile

Fried Flier

Destroy a flier on water electrocuted

Split Spears

Slash a thrown spear

Towards the Ziggurat

Clear the Main Stage

Bring It

Draw in and survive the wave of Ziggurat patrollers in the Ziggurat Prison

The Pool is Full

Drop all existing Flier Drones on the water in the Main Stage

I'll have that turret

Destroy the turret in the Prison Halls before the Alpha gets to it

Dead Necromancer

Kill the Necromancer in the Ziggurat


Clear the Ziggurat mode killing all bosses

Spared Necromancer

Spare the Necromancer in the Ziggurat

Dryad Defeated

Spare the Dryad in the Ziggurat

Gorgon Saver

Spare the Gorgon in the Ziggurat


Find the breakable wall in the Main Stage

Gorgon Slayer

Kill the Gorgon in the Ziggurat

Explosive Keepie-Uppie

Juggle the White Drone until it explodes

Dryad Destroyed

Kill the Dryad in the Ziggurat

Night Night

Provoke no fights when in the Ziggurat Prison

Escaped Insect

Spare the Insect in the Ziggurat

Lured In

Get the two guards to enter your cell in the Ziggurat Prison

Good Impression

Get the best affinity with Euryale


Get an ending where you escape from the Ziggurat

Goddess Erased

Make it to Ishtar's throne room

Insect Killer

Kill the Insect in the Ziggurat

No Groveling

Assault Shiah when she asks you to kneel


Free the survivors from the Ziggurat in your ending


Beat a Ziggurat boss without losing a life


Destroy the Death Dampener machine

Going Up, No Stops

Don't let the Low Levels jam the elevator gears in the Ziggurat


Kill the Necromancer's support corpse


Clear the Ziggurat mode killing no bosses

This freedom is mine

Be granted freedom alone from the Ziggurat in your ending


Acquire Gorgon's Blood

Trial By Fire

Survive the Dungeon's first floor in the Trap Room when you're dropped


Acquire the Biotech Boost

No Nonsense

Tell Euryale to go away


Acquire Alruna's Seed


Acquire the Necromancer's Pendant

Unholy Fusion

Destroy the merged Kazazak and Alpha


Collect all BGM Files


Collect all Data Files