Hyphen achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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First 5✯ Rating

Earned your first 5✯ rating on level completion

100 Deaths

Died 100 times

Quarter Complete

Completed one quarter of the games levels

Halfway Complete

Completed half of the games levels

5 5✯ Ratings

Earned 5 5✯ ratings on level completion


Bragged to at least one social network

1000 Deaths

Died 1000 times

Watched the Credits

Watched the credits in their entirety

Heard Entire Soundtrack

Listened to every track in the soundtrack


Attempted any single level at least 10 times

10 5✯ Ratings

Earned 10 5✯ ratings on level completion

Game Completed

Completed every level in the game

All the Mini Games

Unlocked both of the mini games

Hot Floor Master

Survived 45 waves in the Hot Floors mini game

5000 Deaths

Died 5000 times

Avid Player

Launched the game at least 50 times

Cannon Dodge Master

Survived for 1 minute in the Cannon Dodge mini game

25 5✯ Ratings

Earned 25 5✯ ratings on level completion

Conquered the developers

Get at least a 4✯ rating on the ALLOYD, BIGBADBOB & MCCANNMARC levels

All 5✯ Ratings

Every level completed with a 5✯ rating