Loadout Campaign Beta achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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Certificate of Participation

Cold Open

Start the campaign. (Complete 1 campaign mission)

This is my rifleā€¦

I Have the Power

Level 5

Reach Level 5.

King of All the Hills

Capture 10 points in Blitz.

Extra Credit

Damage Denied

You Are Like the Buzzing of Flies

Kill 50 Grunts.

Mass Murder

Get 50 kills against players

Whack a Mole

Smash 3 people with the hammer in Jackhammer.

Call to Action

Complete 25 campaign missions.

Bounty Hunter

Collect 50 enemy vials in Death Snatch.

Fight Night

Kill 25 Brawlers.

A Winner Is You!

Win 25 games.

Crate Expectations

Pick up 20 crates.

Armaments, Chapter 2

Kill 25 Grenadiers.

Mr Nice Guy

Heal and/or Buff 50 teammates.


Complete 50 campaign missions.

Go Back to Pluto

Kill 1000 aliens in the campaign.

Broken In

Level 10

Reach Level 10.

Batteries Not Included

Kill 25 Fluffers.

Third Act Woes

Complete 75 campaign missions.

The End?

Complete 100 campaign missions.

I Cannot be Defeated!

Win 100 games.

Level 15

Reach Level 15.


Get 1500 kills against players.


Play 50 games in The Arena.

Level 20

Reach Level 20.

Bada Boom

Kill 25 Boomers.

Heavy Artillery

Kill 25 Rocket Tanks.

Heavy Infantry

Kill 25 Hammer Tanks.


Play 100 games in The Arena.


Get 500 headshots.

A Bro Among Bros

Seasoned Vet

Level 30

Reach Level 30.

Get Off My Lawn

Level 40

Reach Level 40.

Rank Up!

Earn a rank by playing games in Ranked.