In Game Adventure: Legend of Monsters achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Unlock the mountain area


Get an Rifle


Unlock the jungle area!

Portable Machine Gun

Get an UZI


Unlock the dungeon area!


Unlock the castle area!

Laser weapon

Get a laser weapon

Machine Gun .50

Get a Machine Gun .50

Rocket launcher

Get a rocket launcher


Save Ana!

Grenade launcher

Get a lance grenades

Random Mode

Unlock Random Mode!

Automatic Shotgun

Get an Automatic Shotgun

Great Arsenal

Unlock 10 weapons

Mummy hunter

Kill over 100 mummy in Arcade mode

Bat hunting

Kill over 75 bats in Arcade mode

Zombie hunter

Kill over 300 zombies in Arcade mode

ghost hunter

Kill over 50 ghosts in Arcade mode

Ninja hunting

Kill over 150 ninjas in Arcade mode

Insect killer

Kill over 100 insects

Damn Traps

Activate 25 traps.

More Damn Traps

Activate 50 traps.


Activate 100 traps.

cleaning the floor

kill over 100 Slime Monster in Random Mode

eye killer

kill over 50 eye in Random Mode

Hunting Day!

kill over 75 Snipers in Random Mode

witch hunt

kill over 75 witch in Random Mode

Vulcano killer

kill over 50 vulcano in Random Mode

creeper killer

kill over 60 creeper in Random Mode

Darkness Soldier hunter

kill over 100 Darkness Soldier in Random Mode