Space Rangers HD: A War Apart achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 82 unknown)

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Pole Position

Take the lead in rangers rating

Secret Agent

Complete 50 government missions


Upgrade all the equipment of your ship at a science base


Defend 20 systems from Dominator or pirate assault

Insure Yourself

Your relatives must receive 20 000 cr. insurance after your death


Make 500 hyperjumps

Mr. Postman

Complete 50 delivery missions

High energy

Destroy 250 ships using energy weapons

Light of Science

Research all Dominator technologies at a science base


Conquer 10 solar systems for the pirate clan


Get promoted to the "Admiral" military rank


Do only 1 HP damage per shot to a ship 20 times


Liberate Gralgar system

Fire & Forget

Destroy 150 ships using missiles


Make sure you're hated by every race of the Coalition at the same time


Survey 30 000 sq. km of territory on uninhabited planets

Hasta La Vista

Destroy Keller in the hyperspace


Get promoted to the "Baron" pirate rank

Splash Damage

Vaporize 5 ships in one turn using quark bombs

Splinters of the Empire

Destroy 200 ships using splinter weapons


Take a scientific approach to the Blazer problem

Been There, Seen That

Max out all skills

Galaxy in Flames

Help the pirates defeat the Coalition

Transform This

Send Terron on a star conversion mission

It's Never Enough

Hoard 10 000 000 credits

You're Grounded

Force Blazer to land on a Coalition planet


Destroy 500 Keller series Dominators

New Frontier

Send Keller to explore the galaxy

Power Overwhelming

War Is Just War

Destroy 500 Blazer series Dominators


Sell goods for 5 000 000 credits total

The Grass Was Greener

Destroy 500 Terron series Dominators

For Coalition!

Eliminate the pirate threat

Robot General

Win 40 planetary battles


Fail to pay 3 debts in time

Please Donate

Fund the construction of 20 Coalition bases

Fat Cat

Get 300 000 cr. profit from a single deposit

Thermonuclear Gas Station

Scoop 40 fuel into a single tank from a star

Death From Above

Land on the Terron and defeat it in a planetary battle

Space Miner

Pulverize 100 asteroids

Natural Born Leader

Have 6 wingmen under your command at the same time

Reading Is Your Friend

Complete 30 text adventures


Convince 15 pirates to cease attack of another ship without using weapons

I Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Sir

Defeat your enemies in a black hole without using weapons


Serve 10 sentences in a jail


Defeat Blazer in a fair fight in space


Fail 10 parcel deliveries


Kill 500 pirates


Eliminate 500 ships in hyperspace

That's one small step for a man

Land on 100 uninhabited planets

Gulp Of Freedom

Destroy 100 Coalition military ships

Well Done

Fry 10 ships with a star

Ranger's Angels

Hire three female special agents

Noda Bene

Accumulate 25 000 nodes

Many Faces

Change your race 30 times

Mercator wannabe

Reveal the star map completely before January 1st, 3304


Complete all the missions given by female special agents


Kill the original Mr. Shu


Try all the drugs in known universe

Need for Velocity

Reach speed of 2300 points

I Don't Have Time For This

Complete the game without completing any mission

Mechanical Vampire

Drain 10 000 HP from enemy ships to yours


Use anti-dominator programs (except Intercom) 100 times

Brezhnev Descendant

Get all possible decorations


Complete the game in less than 7 (game) years

Uncertainty principle

Switch your allegiance from Coalition to pirates (or vice versa) at least 15 times

This Is Our Territory!

Rob ships 100 times

Black Skull

Destroy 200 non-combat ships

Demolition Man

Destroy 30 Coalition bases in space

True Pacifist

Complete the game without shooting down any ships

Hardcore Nerdiness

Complete the game without loading a save

You Shall Not Pass

Successfully complete 30 system defence missions

Nobody Will Be Left Behind

Pay bribes and free 30 prisoners from a jail

Old Guard

Earn 5 000 000 experience points

Copyright Holder

Destroy 30 Pirate bases in space

Monster Mania

Destroy 50 Bertor-class ships

Captain Chaos

Help pirates conquer all the known systems

Eternal Healthcare

Recover from all the possible illnesses


Sell at least 200 illegal shipments (50 units or more each)

Glory to Robots!

Activate 10 Tranclucator units in space simultaneously


Complete the game with a score of at least 50 000


Finish the game in at least 100 years, earning a score of at least 20 000