Killer Instinct Classic achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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My First Ultra

You performed an Ultra!

Mildly Embarrassing

You performed a humiliation!


You defeated Eyedol with TJ Combo


You defeated Eyedol with Sabrewulf


You defeated Eyedol with Orchid

Laser Storm

You defeated Eyedol with Fulgore


You defeated Eyedol with Cinder

Support Your Local Arcade

You spent 400 credits!


You defeated Eyedol with Jago


You defeated Eyedol with Riptor


You defeated Eyedol with Chief Thunder

Cold Shoulder

You defeated Eyedol with Glacius

Deadly Grace

You won 40 Matches with Orchid.

Rapid Jabs

You won 40 Matches with TJ Combo.

Power Devour

You defeated Eyedol with Spinal

Feral Strength

You won 40 Matches with Saberwulf.

Blaze Of Glory

You won 40 Matches with Cinder.

Tiger's Fury

You won 40 Matches with Jago.

Monster Mash

You got a Perfect in Arcade with Spinal, Riptor and Sabrewulf


You won 40 Matches with Fulgore.


You won 40 Matches with Glacius.

All Hail The Chief!

You won 40 Matches with Chief Thunder.

Ancient Power

You won 40 Matches with Spinal.

Jurassic Bite

You won 40 Matches with Riptor.


You humiliated every character in the game

Ultratech Employee Of The Month

You defeated Eyedol with all characters


You defeated Eyedol using only one credit

Around The World

You performed an ultra with every character in the game

World Tour

You won a match in every arena

Film Critic

You saw all victory animations and endings