The Whispered World Special Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Ball Spot

Learn the Ball Spot Form!

Fire Spot

Learn the Fire Spot Form!

Canonball Ride

Finish Chapter 1!

Five Spot

Learn the Five Spot Form!

Kalida Awakes

Finish Chapter 2!

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Figure out the correct time on your own!

Check Mate

Solve the chess puzzle without skipping.

Leaf Spot

Learn the Leaf Spot Form!

The Train to Corona

Finish Chapter 3!

The Boy in the Mirror

Finish Chapter 4!

Shove Off!

Solve the slider puzzle without skipping.


Solve the tube puzzle without skipping.

Mirror, Mirror...

There must be an alternative ending!

Honking Shoes

Unlock the secret honking-shoe-mode!

He's never gonna learn...

If Sadwick will ever find the right way to Shana?

Walkthrough User

Directly open the door.

Saving Time

I don't like minigames!

Dinner is (almost) Ready!

There still isn't any soup!

Master of the Spot Parcours

This is the optimal solution.

Master of Disguise

How often do you have to transform spot?!