A Tale of Caos: Overture achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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The Adventure Begins!

Start the game for the first time.

Backstory, Please!

Listen to all the dialogues in the first scene.

Mission Briefing!

Ask all the questions to McMaster befor starting the quest.

Violence is NOT the Answer!

Ask Terry to fight Burrborrg.

Holy Smoke

Take the spices box.

Trust Me: I am an Engineer!

Solve the multitool minigame once.

The Easy Way

Consult the Walkthrough for the first time.

A Terrible Ordeal!

Become adept of the Pavarilla's cult.

Alchemist Apprentice

Solve the alchemic minigame once without skipping it.

Party Pooper!

Deflate the rascal's ball.

Power to the Environment!

Solve the eco-engine minigame once.

Fear the Swarm!

Force Burrborrg out of the tavern.


Get rid of the Bog Marauder.

End of Act I

Complete the Act I.


Get rid of the Scolodiabolus.

The Easier Way

Consult the Walkthrough five times in a game run.

Homunculus Award!

Solve all the alchemic minigames without skipping them.

Knowledge is Power!

Ask for lore to all the characters.

Finding Strange Secrets

Ask to Geneveuve for interesting lore.

Winter is coming!

Get rid of the autumnelementals.

The Easiest Way

Consult the Walkthrough ten times in a game run.

The Right Thing to Do

Return the hammer to Korzov without asking anything in return.


Have a nice chat with your friends.

I can see my home, from up here!

Free the Grey Boobarooga.

Snack time!

Get rid of the sea monsters.


Get inside the LOBOSS base.

Escape artist

Recover the map.

Traveller's diary

Once you have had many adventures, it's great to tell them to someone.

Are we there yet?

What about now?

End of Act II

Return victorious to McMaster.

The Last Act begins

A step closer to the end.

End of the Overture

A great adventure ends, a new one begins!


Everybody has something to tell.


Find your love for literature

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Find the secret path.

Meet the Jwillox

Friendly fangs

The Words of Power!

Solve the Jwillox enigma.

Did You See My Devices? Did You?

Show all the Terry's inventions to McMaster.

We are eternity

Time to die

Friendly Advices

Ask to Hemilich all of his thoughts.

Thanks for playing

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