Farm Life: Natures Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Generations on the farm

Start a new game, complete the introduction and tutorial with your new family.

Wherever the fish are, that's where I go

Purchase the fishing rod and catch your first ever fish.

Starter Farmer

Play for a time period of one hour in one saved game session.

Stop the hands of time

Celebrate one real life event.

Betting does not equal a fair race

Place a bet on a horse and win the race.

Change for those that see

Change your clothing at least once.

True farmer

Play for a time period of three hours in one saved game session.

Country roads take me gnome

Use the service of our gnomes.

Master Farmer

Play for a time period of five hours in one saved game session.

Cheat activated

Activate a cheat code and let the chaos begin.

Swim like a fish, sink like a boat

Beat the developers highest record in swimming during the summer event.

One tool to rule them all

Gather ore and purchase your first upgrade.

All four seasons shall pass

Play all four seasons.

One step at a time

Have or adopt a child in one saved game session.

Diamond in the rough

Mine and gather one diamond.

Diamonds are a farmers best friend

Mine and gather fifty diamonds.

Home, sweet home

Double your living space by purchasing your first house renovation.

Romance set in stone

Get married to one of the candidates and celebrate your wedding.

Who are you and who is that

Host or join your first online session.

Mayors are judged by results

Become the mayor of your town.