Fernbus Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 79 unknown)

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Up and running!

Started the game

Trainee coach driver

10 Passenger transported

Test ride

1 Route completed

So, this is my hood

Unlocked 3 cities

So, this is ...

Visited a city with sights


10 Passengers rejected correctly

Junior coach driver

100 Passenger transported


Refueled 1 time


Driven to Frankfurt Airport

Got to see them all

Unlocked 10 cities

Regular coach driver

250 Passenger transported

Conspiracy Theory

Driven to Bielefeld

Simulation Forge

Been to Erfurt


Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Neoplan Skyliner

Let´s roll and have fun!

Getting used to

10 Routes completed

ComfortClass Start-Up

ComfortClass S HD started


Radio Ga Ga, Radio Goo Goo

This is my kingdom!

Unlocked 20 cities

Ah, Venice!

Visited 5 cities with sights

Grand Theft Auto

Not your fault

50 Passengers rejected correctly

To where no man has gone before

Unlocked 30 cities

Senior coach driver

500 Passenger transported

Happy New Year!

Well, where haven't I been to?

Unlocked 40 cities

Tear down this wall!

Switzerland & Austria

You have unlocked Switzerland and Austria


Visited 10 cities with sights

Feed the machine!

Refueled 10 times

I need a break

Rested 10 times

Beep, beep, beep


Driven 24 hours at night

Herzlich Willkommen!

Principal coach driver

1000 Passenger transported

Football Team Bus

The Season has started!


Everything you need, and more


Driving through a winding road



First Matchday

Go Team Go

Hit the Road

50 Routes completed

Move along

150 Passengers rejected correctly

Lion Trainer

Driven 10.000 km with a MAN Lion's Coach C

O'zapft is!

Night Owl

Driven 48 hours at night


Enjoy your stay

Gloss Polish

It’s so shiny

Rest in Peace

Rested 25 times

This is Switzerland

You have visited all cities of Switzerland

Lion Fan

Driven 10.000 km with a MAN Lion's Coach

This is Austria

You have visited all cities of Austria

Mountain pass

Driving on a mountain pass

A bottomless pit

Refueled 25 times

It's GamesCom

Expert coach driver

2000 Passenger transported

I wear my sunglasses at night

Driven 72 hours at night

Skyliner Expert

Driven 10.000 km with a Neoplan Skyliner

Vehicle inspection

Let’s have a look at this

The Inntal

Driving through the dale along the river Inn

5th Matchday

This time it’s on!

Lion Instructor

Driven 30.000 km with a MAN Lion's Coach C

Caffeine instead of gasoline

Rested 75 times

Veteran coach driver

4000 Passenger transported

Lion Nerd

Driven 30.000 km with a MAN Lion's Coach

Skyliner Veteran

Driven 30.000 km with a Neoplan Skyliner

ComfortClass Professional

Driven 10.000 km with ComfortClass S HD

Born in the saddle

150 Routes completed

Perfect Ride

This is how it’s done

King Ludwig II

ComfortClass Expert

Driven 30.000 km with ComfortClass S HD

Highway to Hell

1000 Routes completed

Lost Highway

450 Routes completed

10th Matchday

Let’s do this!

25th Matchday

It’s now or never!

Second Round

Those guys again

The Purple Cow™

End of Season

„After the game is before the game“ – Sepp Herberger

Final Matchday

One for all, all for one

Perfect Season

You’re a shining example