Mad Bullets achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Reach level 2!

Muchas Gracias

Spend money in the shop!

Village Man

Survive the village without losing any badges!


Shoot 50 enemies in a row before they shoot!


Shoot 500 bandits!


Shoot all bandits at least once!


Visit all scenes at least once!

Trigger Happy

Keep earning score for 2 minutes without stopping firing for more than 3 seconds!

Canyon Frenzy

Survive the rocky area without losing any badges!

Sombrero Collector

Survive the Mexican area without losing any badges!

Bad Luck

Die within the first 15 seconds of a single round!

Bullet Biter

Shoot 50 bullets right in front of your face!

Unshakeable Hands

Complete all dangerous areas without losing a badge!

Let's Get Dirty

Shoot 50 bathtubs!

Gold Harvest

Shoot 50 sacks in a single round!


Return to the village after paying a visit to every scene in a single round.

Target Practice

Shoot all kinds of objects at least once!


Reach level 6!

Undying Endurance

Fire your gun 1000 times in a single round!

Posters Wanted

Shoot 1000 most wanted posters!


Don't let enemies escape for 3 minutes!

Not Tough Enough

Shoot 100 iron bandits!

Mr. Underpants

Shoot 75 pieces of underwear!


Avoid injuries in the first 5 minutes of a single round!

Hired Gun

Complete 30 goals!

Ninjas, really?

Shoot 150 ninjas!

Decked Out

Purchase all upgrades!

Bullet Fishing

Shoot 300 piranhas!

Hard Worker

Complete 7 daily goals!


Reach level 12!


Reach level 20!