City Climber achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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First Failure

Fall from a wall.

Climbing 101

Begin your training.


Learn more about climbing mechanics.

Full of Energy

Get electrocuted.


Climb home through the open window.

Kitty Problem

Climb the antenna to save the kitty.


Make your way out of the prison.

Broken Bones

Escape the hospital.


Escape from the CCPD through the rooftops.

Wild Ride

Stop the broken monorail.

Dramatic Ascent

Save a man in the old theatre.


Inspect the gravitational anomaly in the laboratory.

Stinky Stuff

Infiltrate the rocket silo through the sewers.

Rocket Science

Get aboard of the spacecraft.

Space Station

Sabotage the station and save the Earth!

The Dream

Complete the final stage of the story.

Licensed Stair Faller

Complete all stages of the "Step by Step" challenge mode.

Professional Leaper

Complete all stages of the "Leap of Faith" challenge mode.

Experienced Cart Driver

Complete all stages of the "Crazy Carts" challenge mode.

Bachelor of Balance

Complete all stages of the "Fall Hazard" challenge mode.

Apprentice of Accuracy

Complete all stages of the "Broken Space" challenge mode.

Master Climber

Complete the whole story in one run, without falling or restarting even once.