Grand Class Melee 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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A Maiden No Longer

Complete 1 game


Survive a round without taking any damage

Full Speed Ahead

Achieve max speed

One Man Army

Win against a team of 3 AI opponents

LAN Party

Complete a 4-player game without any AI opponents

Blood Rush!

Kill 100 opponents

It's Over 9!!

Raise your melee damage output to 10

You Keep Playing

Win 10 games

Close Shave

Survive a round with a 1/4 heart remaining

Game of Groans

Survive a round with Stop and Arcane Mind

I Speak for the Weeds

Survive a round with any two 'Wild' abilities


Watch 10 games in Spectator Mode


Survive a round with Whirlwind and Whirlstorm

Circuit Survivor

Have 'Survived' as every class

Guns Can't Harm Me

Survive a round with Runed Armor and Plate Mail

You Must Like This Game

Win 100 games

The Chosen One

Survive every round and win the game vs 3 Hard AI opponents

Prickles and Goo

Survive a round with Slow Aura and Eye for an Eye

The REAL Chosen One

Survive every round and win the game vs 3 Crazy AI opponents