Tower of Guns achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Achievement Farming 101

Kill over 350 Enemies in a Single Level

At Least You'll Get An Achievement For It...

Die while a Boss is Exploding

BlueGrass Is Still the Best

Unlock all the Perks

Why would you do such a thing?

Stomp a Hugbot to Death

Start With a Jump...

Jump and Remain Airborn for 45 Seconds

Don't Worry You Probably Won't Need That..

Pick up 1000 Health Items While at Full Health

Shops Are For Wimps

Accumulate 888 Gold In a Single Run

You Have Found The Motivator, Right?

Find and Level The Motivator Gun to Level 5

Chose All The Better Guns

Unlock all the Guns

And You Thought Magnetized Loot Was A Good Thing...

Complete a Stage without Picking up ANYTHING

I hope This Won't Break the Game

Tilt 10 Times in a Single Stage

This Was Easier In Earlier Builds

Reach Endless Stage 14

Shouldn't Just Once Be Enough?

Kill That Dang Wall of Turrets Three Times

Generally An Inadvisable Tactic

Pick up Four Difficulty++ Badges in a Single Life

What does "Tog_ImLame" mean?

Discover the Secret Code

Yes, Bombots Self-Destructing Counts...

Complete a Stage Without Anything but the Boss dying

Choose Your Gun Wisely

Complete a Stage After Firing Exactly Fourteen Shots