Mech Anarchy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Complete Boot Camp

3 Kill Streak

Kill 3 players without dying

4 Kill Streak

Kill 4 players without dying

5 Kill Streak

Kill 5 players without dying

6 Kill Streak

Kill 6 players without dying

7 Kill Streak

Kill 7 players without dying

8 Kill Streak

Kill 8 players without dying

9 Kill Streak

Kill 9 players without dying

10 Kill Streak

Kill 10 players without dying

Maybe Next Time

Kill an enemy who has your flag

Large And In Charge

Dominate all three territories


Score a goal in soccer

New King

Dethrone the king of the hill


Infected 10 Players

A Grand

Kill 1,000 Enemies

Melee Master

Get 500 melee kills

Off With His Head

Kill 15 Mechs while king of the hill


Walk a marathon