Highway to the Moon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 62 unknown)

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Enter Level 1

Enter Level 1.

5 Bullets or 6?

Run out of ammo once.

Neophyte Collector

Collect every Basic Weapon at least once in one level.

Scarlet Destroyer

Defeat Leader Red.

Anger Management

Defeat Angry Alex.

Enter Level 2

Enter Level 2.


Take 200 Damage and still complete a level.

I wanna play with my favorite

Get nine or more standard weapon powerups while using an alternate default gun.

Saffron Slasher

Defeat Leader Yellow last.

Silly Bart, Space Is For Motorcycles

Defeat Bartandelous.

Phase for Days

Get 200% Phase.

Enter Level 3

Enter Level 3.

Like a Tortoise

Beat a level without dashing.

Silencing the Airwaves

Defeat H.A.T.

Batteries Not Included

Beat a level without losing a Battery.

Emerald Juker

Defeat Leader Green last.

Enter Level 4

Enter Level 4.

Destroy the Rainbow

Beat Level 4.

Assault the Rainbow

Defeat Leaderhosen.

Gold Member

Get 300,000 points in a level.

Enter Level 5

Enter Level 5.


Defeat Leader Blue last.

Moon Reaver

Defeat the Moon Man.

Moon or Bust!

Beat Level 5.


Beat Rainbow Rush in less than 2:45.


Defeat Leader Orange last.

2 Times the Passion

Collect the Missle Launcher 5 Times or Defeat Leader Red as Leader Red.

Protecting the Merchandise

Beat the Moon Man without destroying the Moon Bike.

Red Blooded Challenge

Beat Leader Red while in a red reality.

Cavalcade of Bullets

Attack more than 200 times while battling Leader Orange.

Holding Back

Defeat Leader Blue without letting him or Leader Orange drop below 50% shields at the same time.

The Value of Prudence

Don't fall off the road before reaching Leader Green, then defeat Leader Green.

Carpet Bomber

Use the Gatling Gun 4000 Times or collect it 3 times.

Dashing Delight

Dash 300 times (lifetime).

Heavy Trigger Finger

Run out of ammo more than 50 times (lifetime).

Blazing Saddles

Use the Flamethrower 1400 Times or collect it 3 times.

Honorable Duelist

Defeat Leader Green while dealing less than 5% damage to Leader Yellow, then defeat Leader Yellow.


Complete a level without getting overcharge.

Purple Punisher

Defeat Leader Purple.

Trade Your Passion for Batteries

Get 3,000,000 points (lifetime).

Shield Efficiency

Beat a level while in a red reality where your HP is halved.

Speed Biker

Beat the game in under 45 minutes.

I'll Take You All On!

Beat Rainbow Rush with at least one full segment of the reality meter red.


Destroy 75% of Agent Silva's text bubbles.

Moon Buster

Use the Moon Rifle 370 Times or collect it 3 times.

Only I Can Defeat Me!

Collect the Remote Sentries 5 Times or Defeat Leader Purple as Leader Purple.

Orange You Glad

Collect the Variable Cannon 5 Times or Defeat Leader Orange as Leader Orange.

Ammo Thrift

Beat the game without running out of ammo.

Destroyer of Worlds

Destroy 5000 enemies, then show the Moon Man (and his bike) who's boss.

Tactical Jealosy

Collect the Barrier Gun 5 Times or Defeat Leader Green as Leader Green.

Sky Diver

Beat the game without falling off the road once. Alternatively, fall off the road more than 200 times.

Energy Rabbit

Get 3 Extra Batteries in one level.

Paradox Yellow

Collect the Energy Saber 5 Times or Defeat Leader Yellow as Leader Yellow.

Fire the Rainbow

Use the Rainbow Sentries 380 Times or collect it 3 times.

Steady as She Goes

Beat the game without dashing.

Self Discipline

Collect the Psycho Cannon 5 Times or Defeat Leader Blue as Leader Blue.

Shield Glutton

Pick up 1,000 Shield powerups (lifetime).

This is the clip that never ends

Collect 400 Ammo powerups (lifetime).

Mission All Over

Beat the game as Agent Silva.

Orbital Striker

Use the Satellite Remote 150 Times or collect it 3 times.

Saving My Quarters

Beat the game without losing a Battery.


Destroy almost every text box in the game at least once.