Alphadia Genesis achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Over 1000 steps.

Apprentice Warrior

Killed 30 enemies.

Apprentice Wizard

Used 15 Energi.

Journeyman Wizard

Used 50 Energi.

Journeyman Warrior

Killed 200 enemies.

Master Wizard

Used 100 Energi.


Over 50000 steps.

Well off

Spent 50000 gold.

Master Warrior

Killed 500 enemies.


Spent 200000 gold.


Used 250 Energi.


Over 100000 steps.

Apprentice Treasure Hunter

Got 100 treasure boxes.

Legendary Brave

Killed 1000 enemies.

Legendary Wizard

Used 500 Energi.

Extremely rich

Spent 1000000 gold.

Legendary Traveler

Over 200000 steps.

King Midas

Spent 2000000 gold.

Lagoon Warrior God

Killed 2000 enemies.

Treasure Hunter

Got 220 treasure boxes.