Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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Only Reed Blood

Complete Act 1 of "The Hangman"



Complete Act 2 of "The Hangman"


All Q&A puzzles are correctly answered the first time

A Parallel Universe

Examine the Scarlet Furies poster


Help Terence with his problem, and get his help in return

Boston Tea Party

Complete Act 3 of "The Hangman"

Not A Witch

Successfully complete "The Hangman"

Hear No Evil

Complete the Tess interrogation

Privacy Violation

Sneak a peek in someone else's inbox

See No Evil

Open the puzzle box


Find the Suffer

Pay Your Respects

Speak No Evil

Greedy Bastard

Nothing Gets Past You

No wrong answers on the Wise Monkey quiz

Bad Breakup

Do No Evil

Successfully complete "The Wise Monkey"

Caffeine Addict

The Oracle Unveiled

Complete Act 1 of "The Oracle"

Dear Journal


Your Secrets Aren't Safe

Complete Act 2 of "The Oracle"

The Past is Prologue

Complete Act 1 of "The Cain Killer"

Going Down

Complete Act 3 of "The Oracle"

Trip Down Memory Lane

Complete all memories in the apartment

Back in 'Nam

Successfully help a friend remember what Bao-Thanh said

I Didn't See This Coming

Successfully complete "The Oracle"

The Fugitive

Complete Act 2 of "The Cain Killer"

There's No I in Team

Complete Act 3 of "The Cain Killer"


Successfully complete "The Cain Killer"

Take That, Jack!

Protect a fellow agent

Filmed in Shakycam

Use the camera to view all the numbers painted on the wall

A Question of Trust

McAdams trusts you after a tense exchange in a car

Deadbeat Dad

The interrogation subject is coerced into talking

The Good Sister

Federal Protection

Busy Work

No one can get work done if you keep calling down to the office

Bad Attitude

Establish a bad relationship with McAdams

Big Girl Now

Complete "The Hangman" without texting Erica's dad

A Little Birdie

Find the hidden Phoenix Online Logo

Trying to Quit

Eye of the Beholder

Two women see art very differently

The Right Tool for the Job

Thoroughly use cognition to help Keith with his problem

Disgrace to the Bureau

All Q&A puzzles are answered incorrectly

Stand Your Ground

No Time For Games!

Find the game within the game

Patron of the Arts

Erica gets a close look at all the notable art

Avoidable Casualties



Try to place the pen in all possible places

FBI Itch

Ignore Terence's problem and find your own solution


You went a little too far and the interrogation subject passed out

Do A Barrel Roll!

A Question of Dust

McAdams doesn’t trust you after a tense exchange in a car

Moves Like Bauer

Couldn't protect a fellow agent

McCoy, With a Donut, in the Jail

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Can't Stay Out of the Office

Perform a character switch, starting somewhere outside