Endless Space achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 93 unknown)

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Ad Astra!

Play for 10 turns

Getting Schooled

Level up a Hero to level 10

Lean and Mean

Build 100 improvements in your entire Empire

Cultural Assimilation

Envelop another empire's system in your Influence Area - by FreeMarket

Trial and Error

Alien & Eve

Colonize a Garden of Eden - by groovytadpole

Graduation Day

Galactic Gourmet

Massively Mass Production

Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 industry

Labs and Fabs

Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 science


Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 food

Cash Cow

Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 dust

A Fistful of Dust

Hire the Endless Hero

Tired Feet

Travel 10 000 parsecs in all your games

Hammer of Fate

Destroy 5 enemy fleets within a turn

Heroic Patience

Trick Shooter

Use every fleet targeting option

Filling in the Blank Spaces

Unlock the whole Exploration & Expansion tech tree in a single game

Marco Polo with Tentacles

Have a Trade Route with every other system in the galaxy - by Nosferatiel

Checking out the Neighborhood

Explore 25% of a huge galaxy in less than 25 turns

One Big Happy Family

Unlock the whole Diplomacy & Trading tech tree in a single game

There's No Place Like Home

Terraform a planet to your home planet type - by EvilTactician

Do You Feel Lucky Today?

Unlock the whole Galactic Warfare tech tree in a single game

Bigger Is Better

Win an Expansion Victory

Indistinguishable from Magic

Unlock the whole Applied Sciences tech tree in a single game

Just Warming Up

Win a game in Normal or higher difficulty against AI

Dice with the Universe

Win a Science Victory

Bow Before Me!

Win a Supremacy Victory

Feel the Glory

Win a Wonder Victory

The Truth is Way Out There

Explore 75% of a huge galaxy in less than 40 turns

I Did It My Way

Win with a Custom Faction

Power and Profit!

Win with the United Empire

Maybe It Does Buy Happiness

Win an Economic Victory

There's no Taste Like Home

As Cravers, have your home planet not depleted at turn 80, without having lost your home system

Numbers. They Don't Lie.

Win a Score Victory


Win a Diplomatic Victory

Galactic Grindstone

Science. It Works.

Win with the Sophons

The Holy Terra

Build every Improvement in your home system - by Divine_Moments_of_Truth

Three Little Pigs

Kill 10 troops with collateral damage

Cleansing the Galaxy

As the Harmony, purify 10 systems in a game

It's All Mine(d)!

As United Empire or Sheredyn, own at least 20 deposits of one of the Strategic Resources in a single game

Strove, Sought, Found, Did Not Yield

Win a game in Hard or higher difficulty against AI

Leading by a Nose

Be the faction with the highest score at turn 25 playing on hard or higher difficulty


Win with the Amoeba

Faith and the Future

Win with the Pilgrims

Primus Inter Pares

Cleaning Spree

Win with the Harmony

One Galaxy at a Time

Win with the Horatio

Dangerous Shepherds

Win with the Automatons

Victory to the Strong

Win with the Hissho

What's for Dessert?

Win with the Cravers

Galactic Sardines

As Horatio, own 10 tiny planets with at least 10 population

Back to Nature

Destroy 50 improvements via Bombardment

There Can Be Only One

Be the only remaining empire in a game with 8 starting empires - by Monthar

Scourge of the Galaxy

Women and Children First

Kill 50 populations via Bombardment

Answered the Calling

Win with the Sowers

Barely Broke a Sweat

Win a game in Serious or higher difficulty against AI

Giving the Orders

Win with the Sheredyn

Using the Tools

Use every fleet formation

Galactic Gambler

Win with a Random Faction

Not Independence Day

Win a Supremacy Victory with the Cravers

Piece of (True) Cake

Win a game in Impossible or higher difficulty against AI

Getting Dirty

Successfully carry out 5 land invasions during the same turn

To Boldly Go

Explore 100% of a huge galaxy in less than 50 turns

The Learner Is Now the Master

Win a game in "Endless" difficulty against AI

Are We There Yet?

Slapping the Mosquitos

Destroy 50 Fighters and Bombers

Primus Inter Imperatores

Down but Not Out

Create a Custom Faction with 0 points or less and win a game with it

Spreading the Word

As Pilgrims, colonize a system with a Fleet Errant containing Factories of the Faithful

The Way of Harmony

As Amoeba, win a game without building any ships containing weapons

Immortal Bard

Hire the two romantically involved heroes, the spy and the general, in the same game.

Against All Odds

Create a Custom Faction with -100 points or less and win a game with it

Endless Pwnage

Create a Custom Faction with -195 points or less and win a game with it

Big Bag of Tricks

Use every Battle Action of a Hero at least once

Too Busy to Eat

As Sowers, win a game without building any Food improvement

Offensive Defense

Endless Gamer

Silent Running

As Automaton, have 10 systems with the max FIDS bonus from Orbital Platforms


Win a Supremacy Victory by capturing 4 home worlds within the same turn


Clone Galdos AI - by Adder

Don't Even Think About It

Create a custom faction with -195 points or less, and win a game with it on Endless difficulty


As Hissho, build 1 000 ships on systems with Wargame Center while Bushido is active

Meeting of the Minds

As Sophon, receive 30 technologies from others and give at least 30 technologies to others in a single game

Praise to the Endless

Win with an Expansion Victory with the Sowers when you have the Endless Hero


Destroy 10 colony ships using Battle Stasis

Endless Day

…the galaxy as the Archivist, Emlek Tarosh, fulfills its duty.

Stomp the Ants

Pigeon Shoot

Valley of Death

That Took How Many Parsecs?