Project Hospital achievement guide & roadmap



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Young doctor

Treat your first patient.


Build your first room with mandatory equipment.

Ah, that's the spot

You shall not pass!

You are hired

Hire your first employee.


Complete level 1.


Remove your first room.


Hire 20 employees.

I insure you

Contract an insurance company.

Uh, more spots!

Instant hospital

Wait, is this a bar?


Complete level 2.

Who's the boss?

Going up

Build first floor.

Dr. Jan Itor

The Great wall of hospital


Move 50 objects.


Complete level 3.



Objective, Anywhere,

Rotate an object 4 times before placing it

Senior doctor in da house!

Treat 1000 patients.

Please do not die in the corridors!

Very nice! Absolutely beautiful!

Place 100 decorations.

Top floor please!

Build maximum amount of floors.

Oh, all the spots!

Good credit

My turn!

Objective, Anywhere,

Take control over 30 patients.

Doctor Right

On fire(d)

Fire 20 employees.

Hello? Anybody?

Home run!

Safe working environment

It's me, Marius!

Do you like my hospital?

Build functional hospital with every department.


Complete level 4.

Litter free

Place 30 trashcans.


Have 700 000$ in your budget.

The walls have eyes

Objective, Anywhere,

Place 30 eye test posters

I choose you...

Create your own character.

Goodbye, training wheels!

Finish the Doctor Mode DLC tutorial

Never stop spinning meeee

Let's put the skills to the test

Herr Wilhelm Röntgen

Objective, Anywhere,

Have 30 patients under your care undergo X-ray examination


Complete level 5.


Objective, Anywhere,

Place 30 trees.

You didn't see anything

Dr. Acula

Objective, Anywhere,

Take blood from 50 patients under your care

Emergency master

Complete challenge level 1.

Chief of Hospital

Complete level 6.

I knight thee. Arise, Specialist!

Treat 20 patients in Specialist mode

...and you and you and you too.

Create 10 own characters.

Hospital 51

Objective, Anywhere,

Build 10 satellites

Chief of chiefs

Story, SP-only,

Complete all objectives in level 6

General surgery master

Complete challenge level 2.

Wrong again

Misdiagnose 20 patients under your care

Internal medicine master

Complete challenge level 3.

Orthopaedy master

Complete challenge level 4.

Neurology master

Complete challenge level 6.

Cardiology master

Complete challenge level 5.

Paging doctor Mouse

Finish the Doctor Mode DLC level