Void Destroyer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Cruisers Don't Run - 1

Eliminate enemy forces before entering the gate back to the Palm

First Victory

Capture Karakum

Size Doesn't Matter

Destroy the Digger

Not Nearly Enough

Hundreds of mines can't stop you

Mega Annoying

Destroy the Mega Gun


Capture Nottingham

Mopping Up

Capture Petra

Up Against The Wall

Destroy the Newsum

Dogfight - TSF

Complete the TSF dogfight scenario

Path To Ruin - 1

Going through is not advised...

Feeling Watched

Destroy Gazers

Cruisers Don't Run - 2

Destroy the Talon in front of the Hub gate

Dogfight - MU

Complete the MU dogfight scenario

The Warrior

The Improbable

Destroy the Kionnoh

Sneak In

Recover The Hammer

The Sacrifice

Dogfight - Diggers

Complete the Digger dogfight scenario

The Hunter

Dogfight - Stubs

Complete the Stubs dogfight scenario

Path To Ruin - 2

They will send in more

Dogfight - Scarabs

Complete the Scarab dogfight scenario

Dogfight - Outsiders

Complete the Outsiders dogfight scenario

The Tranquil