Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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A Little Help Down Here?

Called in orbital support

A Quality All Its Own

Fielded 1,000 Logistics worth of units

Hell from Above

Completed the first Ascendency mission

It's new and improved!

Upgrade a building

Real Ultimate Power

Won a match by destroying all opposition

Total Conversion

Won a match on victory points

This Splinter is No Master

Complete the second Ascendency mission

Can I Play Now, Daddy?

Completed the Tutorial

Mo' Metal, Mo' Problems

Didn't even sweat wasting 3,000 metal in a single match


Completed the third Ascendency mission

Total Recall

Reached level 10 in any global upgrade

This World is Mine

Won a skirmish game as the Post-Humans

My Kingdom For A Suitably Entangled Set of Subatomic Particles

Lost a skirmish game

Artillery! Artillery! Uber Alles

Completed the fourth Ascendency mission

Over ten thousand!

Own 10,000 metal

My Constructs Blot Out the Sun

Completed the fifth Ascendency mission

There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine

Reached level 5 with a Dreadnought

Fitter. Happier. More Productive

Won a match without wasting a single resource

Glowing Green

Own 10,000 radioactives

Loot Crate

Completed the first Memories mission

Beat The Turinium Test

Conquered Roceda

I Dread Very Little Indeed

Completed the sixth Ascendency mission

No Further, Expansionist Pig-Dogs

Won a skirmish game as the Substrate

Probably Send These At The Other Guy's Nexus

Fielded 30 units of bombers at once

Come Get Some

Won a skirmish against unfair teams

Sword and shield

Completed the first Escalation mission

Renegade Rumble

Completed the second Memories mission

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!

Completed the second Escalation mission

Love and Hate

Completed the third Memories mission

She's Really Incurred My Wrath

Conquered Artorius

Hitting it where it hurts

Completed the third Escalation mission

For Humanity!

Won the Ascendancy Wars for the Post-Humans

Wait, Don't They Eat People There?

Completed the eighth Ascendency mission

Strike Force Omega

Conquered Falnass

Harbinger of Doom

Completed the fourth Escalation mission

All I Do is Win

Conquered Silgul

Six on one, sounds fair to me

Completed the fifth Escalation mission

Alas, Poor (Space) Yorick

Win a match after a teammate has lost. Thanks a bunch, pal.

Look at all of the wonderful toys

Completed the sixth Escalation mission

Divided and conquered

Completed the seventh Escalation mission

Fight the Future

Won a six-player match in the Ascendancy Wars

It's a mad, mad world

Completed the eigth Escalation mission

Biting the hand that fed you

Completed the ninth Escalation mission

Band of Tactically Compatible Networked Intelligences

Stomped the comp with human teammates

Paranoid Android

Won a 3+ player free-for-all game as Substrate

Big Brother

Watch a game as an Observer

Not Too Proud

Won a skirmish with a handicap

Don't Hurt Me

Joined a ranked match

Good Sport

Stuck around to the bitter end in a multiplayer loss

Infinitely Improbable

Won a game after your Nexus was dealt critical damage

Seeing Stars

Reached rank 5 in ranked multiplayer

Master of the Singularity

Defeated an unfair-teams skirmish against Insane AIs with no human help

The Final Countdown

Reached Legendary status in multiplayer. #respect

Basically Like Worf And Chewbacca Fighting Back To Back

Defeated an unfair-teams skirmish against Insane AIs with a fellow human fighting at your side